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This large 2-bedroom apartment for rent on Viale Zara is on the 5th floor. It has sparkling and wonderful large tile floors, 2 balconies, and 2 bathrooms. The main bathroom is at the end of the corridor. The ensuite bathroom is in the twin bedroom, which also has a balcony. The double bedroom is spacious with a huge wardrobe. There are a couple of antique pieces of furniture in the apartment, which add a warm vibe. The living area is big and furnished with a dining table, sofa, and TV. The equipped kitchen is equally roomy, and also has a 3-seat table.
Isola is a neighborhood so close to the city center that you're practically living there. In fact, the center is just over a half-hour walk away. In your immediate vicinity, you'll find dozens of caf├ęs and restaurants. You only have to go downstairs to find a restaurant patio! The architectural landmark Bosco Verticale is only 7 minutes away, and so is the nearest grocery store. If you like to dance, there are at least two nightclubs nearby. If you prefer to workout, you'll find a gym just a few minutes away.
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