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Do you need someone to share your thoughts or feelings with?
Can't open your heart or mind to co workers , friends or family?
Are you simply lonely?

This is where I come in to help. I can be your virtual girlfriend. Someone to share your thoughts with and encourage you through life's difficult times; because we all had them and sometimes friends and family don't care, are too busy or honestly don't understand you, but I'm here to try. I'm here to be that bright part of your day so you can look forward to tomorrow. So, like a therapist or girlfriend without the judgement, emotional attachment or commitment. Just a wholesome relationship between two people that can help you feel better and more like a man.

**Let's not mistake me for an escort or webcam girl or model. I'm here for you in a healthy, positive & encouraging way. I will not respond to indecent, erotic, immature photos and will not deliver such of myself. Do not ask. My service will not start and can abruptly end of that is asked. Please understand this.
My service to you can be short or long term; contact me to decide the specific details.
My service to you is $25/week via PayPal
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